Friday, December 12, 2014

On The Edge

Sydney's Broward Schools presentation went very well! If you care to watch it click here. She also reviewed the finished applications for the leadership questionaire while in Mexico and will go over it with Jasen and Kirsten after winter break. The meeting Syd held on Wednesday about adding a solar work day went well and everyone seemed to like it. However, Sydney asked Jasen and Kirsten to blog and they didn't. She also asked them to help her with past sponsors and they didn't complete that either. Jasen was also given the task of making a new membership list by Sydney, but that wasn't done either. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Speech Time

Happy Monday! This week Syd is giving a speech on behalf of the Solar Knights at the Broward County School Board Meeting. Therefore, Monday she is practicing with Mrs. Henschel and Mrs. Cantlupe. On Tuesday is when she gives the speech. At Wednesdays meeting, Syd is going to bring up new ideas about the club for the rest of the year. Jasen will continue to clean up the Solar Knights google drive to help Sydney find all the list of past sponsors and Kirsten will add them to the document that Syd made. 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Almost Winter Break!!!!

This week has been extremely productive. Sydney and Dr. Culpepper worked together to update the Solar Knights part of the magnet website. The leadership questionnaire has had many responses that the executives have been reviewing. Sydney's communications seminar was an success and the new recruits are working with Sydney to start calls. Sydney Also updated the main Solar Knight's blog team member bio's. Jasen updated the documents to the new information for this year.     

Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday Funday

This week is full of PowerPoints! Kirsten and Jasen need to submit their powerpoints for Syd to review. Over the long weekend Syd finished up the new member leadership questionnaire. This will be presented at the club meeting on Wednesday. She is also going to create bio's for all the new members on the blog. Syd is working on a communications seminar on how to email and call potential and past sponsors. She will also be presenting this at the Wednesdays meeting. Jasen was given a list from Syd about all the things on the website/blog that need to be updated or change. They will work together to fix it this week.